The doors of Queen of Peace School opened in March of 1949 to 118 students.

At that time, the school only consisted of a cafeteria/auditorium and three classrooms.  Seventy-four children came from Queen of Peace Parish and 44 from St. Aloysius Parish.  The staff consisted of three religious Sisters of Precious Blood, with a fourth joining the staff later.  It wasn’t until 1959 that the first lay teacher joined the faculty.

n 1954, a garage was added and was converted into classrooms in 1963.  A new church was built in 1965 which included a church hall/cafeteria in the basement.  The old church was converted into the school’s gymnasium with rooms attached for classrooms and offices.  Increased school enrollment resulted in the construction of a new school building which was completed in 1991.

At that time, the staff consisted of a principal, secretary, and classroom teachers for preschool through grade 8.  In addition, the parish employed three classroom aides and a librarian as well as offering the part-time services, of a nurse, tutor, speech/language therapist, art, music and physical education instructors.

A large addition to the school was completed in January 2007.  Along with the new regulation sized high school gymnasium, the addition included an up-to-date science/computer lab, preschool, kindergarten, art, and music classrooms and a teachers’ workroom.

The school has an enrollment of over 200 students this year.  Technology has been ever changing and growing within the school, including Smartboards, laptops, desktops and new in 2011, the introduction of ipads.